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The Other of One - Book Two

The Other of One - Book One

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"This set of books is amazing. It's akin to Harry Potter (but better) for young teens through to adults with it's mix of magic, folklore, humour, and a hint of romance. The plot is that of good vs evil, but with twists and turns that I wasn't expecting. This last book especially was a real page turner. The characters are believable and loveable (some hateable!!) and you will feel all the highs and lows with them as they embark on their final journey together. Brian G. Burke is one of the best story tellers out there. Thanks for the journey, and here's to plenty more of them!"

"You have done it again Mr. Burke, you have captured my heart. Your books are exactly the kind of fantasy tales that I just love to read. All of you fantasy lovers out there, I highly recommend you grab these books and enjoy! So much imagination and creativity. I personally like to find passages in the books I read, that touch my heart or stir my soul, I have found many in these books, they are now written in my book journal, so never to be forgotten. If your looking for an adventure, with creative creatures and characters, then you definitely want to read these!!"

"I can remember my grandmother,from long years past,of reading books to me about all the Irish myths and legends.This book was a fantastic read. The author brought forth splendid realism,through his writing.story line was great,and it felt as if you were there,with William,on his journeys.I have book 2 on the burner and really look forward to beginning the journey again.Splendid book."


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Hats off to Colin Hogan and the crew over at Florence Films for all their hard work on these trailers.

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