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The Other of One - Book Three

The latest in The Lythiann Series

"This has been one of the most enjoyable, gripping, twisty turny trips I've been on in along time..." 5/5

"Please continue weaving these engrossing and bewitching tales! I have loved each one and I am excited to read whatever story comes next!" 5/5

Born in Waterford, Ireland, in 1981, I moved up to Galway in '88. I attended St. Pat's primary then served a five year sentence at St. Joseph's secondary. 

Not all the subjects made me want to rip fistfuls of my hair out and use them for earplugs. English appealed to me very much. Because — writing. And writing doesn't involve foreign languages or algebra, unless you want it to. Me, not so much.

October 2002 was when my little writing hobby changed the course of my life. I'd begun working on a fantasy called 'Kaddareth'. In the meantime I was doing a creative writing course at Kilroy's College, Dublin. I was asked to present my tutor with the opening pages of a sample novel. Thinking nothing of it, I began.

I wrote through the night. Red Bull cans scattered about my desk lamp. By the time I was done, I was well beyond the assignment's word allowance. The idea was just too vast for a simple 1,500 word exercise. But I liked what I'd written so much that I didn't want to just send it adrift, nor could I whittle it down because the details were just too damn essential to the plot. So I contacted the college the following morning and asked if I could exceed it, just this once — with sugar on top. No such luck, which was perfectly fair (and to this day I'm glad!)

So I put that story to one side, submitted some other 'thrown-together' waffle, and straight-away returned to the other.

That piece was the beginnings of 'The Other of One'. 


There are three books in total. But it's not the end. Not yet. I'm just taking a little break from fantasy for a while. I otherwise have my sights set on stand-alone novels in other genres. When an idea strikes, I just get the burning urge write it. Fantasy, Crime, Horror, Thriller, whatever the case may be. The itch just has to be scratched. 


I don't do this to get rich or famous. I write because I have to. I love writing. I love the process. The research. I love the idea of creating something from nothing. I love learning. And always striving to improve my craft. 


I spend about a year planning a story, then another 6 months to a year writing it. Some authors can spin out two or three books a year. I don't know how they do it. Wish I could do the same but this is what works best for me so I'll stick with it. 


I just hope it shows.

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The Other of One - Book Three

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The Other of One - Book Two

The Other of One - Book One

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"This set of books is amazing. It's akin to Harry Potter (but better) for young teens through to adults with it's mix of magic, folklore, humour, and a hint of romance. The plot is that of good vs evil, but with twists and turns that I wasn't expecting. This last book especially was a real page turner. The characters are believable and loveable (some hateable!!) and you will feel all the highs and lows with them as they embark on their final journey together. Brian G. Burke is one of the best story tellers out there. Thanks for the journey, and here's to plenty more of them!"

"You have done it again Mr. Burke, you have captured my heart. Your books are exactly the kind of fantasy tales that I just love to read. All of you fantasy lovers out there, I highly recommend you grab these books and enjoy! So much imagination and creativity. I personally like to find passages in the books I read, that touch my heart or stir my soul, I have found many in these books, they are now written in my book journal, so never to be forgotten. If your looking for an adventure, with creative creatures and characters, then you definitely want to read these!!"

"I can remember my grandmother,from long years past,of reading books to me about all the Irish myths and legends.This book was a fantastic read. The author brought forth splendid realism,through his writing.story line was great,and it felt as if you were there,with William,on his journeys.I have book 2 on the burner and really look forward to beginning the journey again.Splendid book."

Th Other of One Book Three
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